How do you promote your business online and why it is important?

Are you looking for a ways to make your company more successful?

There are many ways to get your company name and brand in front of your perfect clients.

Finding your target audience, can be a minefield as there are so many different strategies.


I specialise in finding your target audience in the travel sector and then will help you to focus on a Social Media strategy. Once this has been established I will help you by supplying all of your design elements and images to help with your campaigns.

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Ideas For Online Marketing

Social media marketing and advertising can be a minefield and difficult to put a strategy in place. There are many platforms on offer but a few are the best to target for the travel industry. There are many different travel companies out there and you are all different sizes and have different staffing levels. Because online marketing is very time consuming you really need to be focused on what will work best for you. Contacting a company like AP Design Solutions will help you to make that decision. I will work with you on the best course of action, and will be able to supply all of the design elements and images needed to acheive your goals.

Images For Social Media

Social Media is about interaction with your customers and potential future clients. For this to be affective you must stand out from your competitors. The statistics are that 74% of social media marketers use images in their social media marketing. Meaning that to atay ahead of the game you must use images for the maximum interaction. These images can be used in a number of ways advertising an upcoming event or company offer, company promotion, free competition, free gifts for completing a survey. If you have a podcast these can be used to advertise this and of course your YouTube channel.

Images For Social Media

Cisco have projected that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. Surveys have shown that 60% of marketers and small business owners were planning to increase investment in video marketing in 2017. All companies large and small need to be using video to market their businesses. The main platform of choice for this is YouTube. Being owned by Google gives your videos more chance of being found with the use of the right keywords. I can give advice on setting up your channel, how to make and edit video, and supply the image for the banner of your company channel and thumbnail images for your videos.


Promotional Items

Promotional items are a great way to showcase and advertise your company. Whether you need to use them at trade shows or exhibitions or just as giveaways to promote your company they are great for increasing visability and memory joggers. Just a few examples are Pens, USB sticks, mugs, Lanyards, Desk items, Clothing and T-shirts.

L-Shaped pop up standsL-Shaped Pop Up Stands are ideally used for backdrops and are made up of two Straight Pop Up Stands, for example a 3m x 3m stand can hold 2 x 3x3 straight Pop Up Stands linked in the corner using a ghost panel to create a complete seamless look. For more details and prices please click here and fill in the form to be contacted.


Corporate logo t-shirts

For your company, promotional T-shirts can create a great public awareness of your corporate identity and help your company visibilty. They are a highly effective but simple solution to help promote your company and services. T-shirts are available in a variety of colours and styles and do not need to break the bank.For more details and prices please click here and fill in the form to be contacted.

Vehicle Signage

There is nothing as eye-catching as your company logo and contact details on the side of a vehicle. Any of your company vehicles being driven around today could be attracting more business. A huge amount of business owners fail to see the marketing potential and cost effectiveness of having their vehicle or fleet displaying their coporate logo. You should also display the company contact details, products or services that your business is offering. Once you have made the initial investment of having your company logo and contact details on your vehicle – the subsequent advertising is virtually free. For more details and prices please click here and fill in the form to be contacted.

Everywhere we look we see logos and brands fighting for our attention, promoting goods, services, companies, plus events, in fact everything that you can imagine. Amidst all the clutter of visual imagery some designs stand out and grab our interest. So, what makes a logo or a brand stand out? You need to look for many things in order to make the right choice, not just your budget. A good start is to look for a company that can offer a broad range of formats, such as logos, business cards, posters, brochures, leaflets, and much more. The most important ingredient, of course, is the quality and variety of the designs that a company can offer and this is where AP Design Solutions can help. We aim to be the right design solutions partner because we do not stick to any one style, we try to interpret the individual requirements of each job and produce imagery and design formats that match them exactly. The best design solutions are about the client, not about the preferences of the designer.

Whenever you are at an exhibition or an event, how do you attract visitors walking by, from passers by to on to your stand.  How do you get them to them to remember your product range and company, and how do you convert them from prospective customers, to actual customers?

One of the best ways that you can do this is to have a well designed display. It needs to be warm and welcoming feel, and make your prospective customers feel comfortable enough to come in and ask and ask for more information about what you do. 

Just a smile and a greeting can be the best way to entice them to come over. You must make sure that they know your name and the company name before they leave, this will help build your brand recognition without your customer even realising it!  Sometime in the future your prospective customer may see your company logo or yourself and they remember that maybe they do need your service.

Exhibition stand designs are mainly used to attract customers and increase the sales or services of the company using various stand designs. Companies should consider exhibition stand designs as the best marketing tool for promoting their products and services to prospective clients. Choosing the correct stand design will not only attract customers but also increase the sales of your product or service.

Requirements for a good stand design, depend on your needs, you should choose an exhibition stand of right size and style.
Exhibition stands are available in various sizes, which include desktop size stands, banner stands, pop up stands and stands created from custom designs.
If you think that your exhibition stand can be re-used you may prefer display stands in which you can easily change the graphics and the display units.
Your exhibition stand design, graphics and artwork play an important role in an exhibition display. They are the best way of portraying your business image, so are a very important part of your display. 

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